Facility Fee on Box Office Sales - PLAYHOUSE Whitely Bay

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Facility Fee on Box Office Sales

Posted on 01 October 2018

From May 2017 and the tragic events outside Manchester Arena, we’ve reviewed and upgraded our security protocols. The most visible of these is an SIA presence on all events.

Further to this, internal labour costs have increased with the recent incremental changes to Minimum Wage, which has roll on / pro rata effect on all casual staff pay rates. This is further compounded by increased costs for contracted labour – external cleaners, crew, PA etc – being passed directly on to us as the customer.

In February this year, in line with legislation, we ceased charging 3.5% on card transactions at box office, pending review. Any re-introduction of charges would need to include cash transactions.

A flat facility fee of £0.65 per ticket will be added on *all ticket transactions, at box office, by phone and online. Existing booking fees for phone/online booking will remain.

*Does not include larger bookings handled by the Group Bookings line, where a flat fee (currently £4.00) is charged to cover admin etc.

*This will apply to all new shows on sale from 1.10.18. Shows already on sale prior to 1.10.18 will remain at the original of 55p per ticket.