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Charlie Landsborough


  • Date: Tuesday 24th October 2017
  • Time: 7.30 pm

Charlie is generally recognised and categorised as a country singer, however, as his regular supporters will tell you, country music actually only accounts for a very small part of his concert repertoire and music catalogue in general.

It is of course understandable that Charlie has been labelled as a country singer, as he has won just about every award possible in the UK country scene. A list of awards too numerous to mention in full, he has won Best Songwriter, Best Song, Best Male Vocalist, Best Album and International Country Album of the year. He has also received a nomination as Best Global Country Artist in the Country Music Association Awards in Nashville. Many of his albums have topped the country charts as well as getting into the British pop charts.

His talent and ability received the ultimate recognition when he was inducted into the British Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011 - “for promoting and for services to the advancement of Country Music in Great Britain and in recognition of outstanding contributions, leadership and service to the British Country Music industry”. This is a wonderful achievement for any artist and it’s one Charlie is very proud of. Unfortunately, this success in country music has in some ways labelled him and detracted from the true recognition he deserves in other categories of music. Regardless of this label we actually find that when people who are not country fans are introduced to his music they love his work.

Charlie is a performer who is difficult to categorise, as he covers many areas of the musical landscape from beautiful ballads, to folk, blues, country, rock ‘n’ roll, pop, gospel and anthem. If you go into a music shop you may find Charlie’s music in the Country or the Easy Listening section, but this belies the nature of a man who is uncomfortable with labels, a man that embraces varied musical forms. Anyone who has listened to Charlie’s music would agree that he shows a depth of compassion and understanding which seems almost incongruous to his simplistic yet captivating style.

Charlie is a true and immensely talented star, he is a well proven writer of fabulous songs, and is well known and well loved for his wonderful voice, but it is in his ability to tell a fine tale that we find a hidden gem. It is with this talent for spinning the yarn that we see him venturing into the realm of comedy, offering a fine compliment to the music and giving the concerts a real sense of intimacy. Indeed one of Charlie’s main attributes is that to this day, in-spite of all of his fame and achievements, he remains the same warm, humble, likable, down to earth, compassionate person.

We are sure you will have a very memorable evening, as he has achieved a winning formula which has made an impact on so many professionals and fans alike. Every time Charlie tours we get inundated with comments from theatre staff and attendees stating how they have enjoyed his concerts.

  • Date: Tuesday 24th October 2017
  • Time: 7.30 pm
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