Artistes International Management Ltd presents ‘The Little Mermaid’ | PLAYHOUSE Whitely Bay

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Artistes International Management Ltd presents ‘The Little Mermaid’


  • Date: Tuesday 25th October 2016
  • Time: 11:30 am & 2:30 pm

It’s celebration time under the sea and everyone is very excited.  Everyone, that is, except for Arabelle, the King’s daughter.  She is far more interested in exploring the reef and collecting objects from the human world, which she eagerly shows to her best friend, Sid the Starfish.  Ignoring the warnings of her grandmother, Marilla, Arabelle brings yet more objects back to the palace but this time she isn’t quick enough to hide them when her father appears.

Outraged by his daughter’s disobedience, King Poseidon reprimands Arabelle, insisting that she is never to venture out to the reef again.  One day she will be the ruler of the kingdom.  She must show him that he can trust her. Unwilling to listen to Arabelle’s protests, Poseidon storms out, leaving Marilla and Sid the job of cheering Arabelle up.  Marilla promises that she will speak with Poseidon and, on his return, she encourages father and daughter to talk.  Unfortunately this meeting does not end with the reconciliation Marilla was hoping for.

As Arabelle leaves, Poseidon turns to his mother for guidance, but she only points out the similarities between father and daughter.  Arabelle is growing up, just like Poseidon and the independence she seeks is leaving him with the same fears that Marilla still has.  A parent never stops worrying about their child and will always try to protect them.

Meanwhile, on land, another parent is experiencing problems with their child refusing to follow the family rules.  Prince Max has three days left to find a bride, or the kingdom will pass into the hands of his cousin.  Assisted by his best friend, Victor, Prince Max attempts to woo the next in a very long line of potential princesses, but to no avail.  Prince Max is determined to marry for love.  His father, however, has other ideas, insisting that if Max will not choose a wife, a wife shall be chosen for him.  During a tutorial on wooing a lady, Max hears an unusual voice and turns to see a beautiful girl disappearing back into the sea.  He has seen her – the girl of his dreams...

Terrified that her father will discover her recent trip to the surface, Arabelle pleads with Sid not to say anything.  Sid, however, is more worried that he and Arabelle are now lost in an area of ocean, notorious for being haunted by the ghosts of ship-wrecked pirates.  As Sid is chased away by one of these terrifying ghouls, Arabelle fears she has been left alone, but lurking in the murky depths of the ocean, preparing to reel in her prey, is the most feared creature of all - the sea witch, Morgana!

Aware that Arabelle has fallen in love at first sight with Prince Max, Morgana offers Arabelle a deal.  She will make her human in return for a very small price – Arabelle’s voice.  As the witch casts her spell, she leaves Arabelle with a warning –she must make the prince fall in love with her by midnight in three days time.  If she fails, she will become a mermaid again and her prince will be lost to her forever.

As the spell takes effect Arabelle rises to the surface of the ocean and is rescued by her true love, Prince Max. 

The King, however, is less than satisfied with his son’s choice of bride – she cannot speak! -and insists he marries Vanessa, a mysterious newcomer to the realm.  Unbeknown to the other guests, Vanessa is really Morgana in disguise, determined to thwart Arabelle’s attempts to marry the prince.  Her secret is discovered by Sid the Starfish, who has followed Arabelle to land.  Now it’s a race against time as Sid, a talking starfish and Arabelle, a beautiful princess who can’t speak, must convince Prince Max and Victor that Vanessa is an imposter. 

With the boys under Vanessa’s spell and Prince Max now engaged to Vanessa, thanks to the King, it’s up to Sid the Starfish to save the day.

As the wedding of Max and Vanessa gets underway, with the King determined that nothing will go wrong, Sid rushes in and breaks Vanessa’s magic hold over everyone.  Max and Arabelle share a kiss just as the chimes strike midnight and, as the spell is broken, Arabelle regains her voice.  Sid, determined to reform Morgana makes her his new best friend and the whole kingdom, celebrates the wedding of Prince Max and his beautiful Princess Arabelle.

  • Date: Tuesday 25th October 2016
  • Time: 11:30 am & 2:30 pm
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